THE SEYMOUR AGENCY - Making Your Literary Dream a Reality
The Seymour Agency is currently open to submissions.
Be sure to include:
       +  Genre/Target Audience
       +  Word Count
       +  Contact Information
       +  References (conference, recommendation, etc)

  • First impressions count. Use spellcheck and format your manuscript properly (1" margins, 12pt font, Header with title, page #, author name).
  • Beware of typos.
  • Avoid passive writing.
  • Do your homework. Know your target audience and genre.
  • Be unique. Every theme/storyline has been done before. What makes your manuscript different?
  • Edit. Edit. Edit. Make sure your story begins in the right place, that secondary characters don't steal the show, and the tension escalates.
  • Every agent/editor/reader wants a book they can't stop reading, be mindful of pacing.
  • Create characters a reader will care about.
  • Typing "The End" is only the beginning. Be prepared to promote and market both your book and your brand. For example, blogspots and websites build readership and establish an online presence.
  • Networking through writing groups and formal organizations (ACFW, RWA, MWA, FWA) can introduce you to new friends, critique partners, and offer resources tailored to your genre.
  • Develop your craft and DON'T STOP WRITING. Writers improve with every manuscript, and completing more books increases your odds of achieving publication.   
  • Only query one agent at this agency at a time.

Nicole Resciniti accepts queries in the following genres: Action/Suspense/Thriller, Mystery, Cozies and Amateur Sleuth, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and YA/Children's/MG and all Romance, Women's Fiction, Inspirational and Cookbooks.

Julie Gwinn accepts queries in the following genres: Women's Fiction, Romance (contemporary, historical, suspense, inspy. Amish) Spec Fiction and Fantasy, Mysteries and Suspense, Inspirational Fiction and Nonfiction, Historical Fiction. 

Tina Wainscott accepts queries in: prescriptive, self-help and spirituality.
Jennifer accepts queries in picture books and cookbooks. For fiction, she's interested in middle grade and YA with a sci fi/fantasy, horror/suspense, or contemporary bent, and upmarket women's fiction with a sense of humor. On the nonfiction side, narrative nonfiction and memoir.  

To query Nicole Resciniti:
To query Julie Gwinn:

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For email queries, a one page letter will suffice. No attachments, please. All of The Seymour Agency Agents prefer email queries and ask that you paste the first five pages of your manuscript into the bottom of your email.
In the interest of protecting the environment, please forward all submissions electronically.
We make a conscious effort to reply to every query we receive. If you do not receive a request for additional materials within three weeks, you should assume that we are not interested in that particular project. Please know that our opinion is but one, and another agent may feel differently. We wish you the very best!

May God Bless you in all of your writing endeavors.